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Send No Money
Should be shipped in a secure/sturdy box with ample packing. You should include a brief description of the problem, a daytime phone number, your name, and address.

HP41 Series repairs
Most HP41s are repairable, repairs average $79-$100 (no parts) to $125-$150 (with parts). We will call you with an estimate. If for some reason you choose not to have it repaired (which seldom happens) we will make an offer to buy it from you at $X, trade for a rebuilt unit at $X, or as also seldom happens, return it to you at no charge.
No Charge For Estimates - Nor For Return Postage
(Plus, we sell rebuilt units without trades.)

HP82104A Card Reader repairs
Card readers are $169 exchange.(Plus, we sell rebuilt units for $189.)

Other Peripheral repairs
The HP41 Series peripherals are exchanged only. Your defective item is swapped out for a working model - call for current prices. (Plus, we sell used and rebuilt units.)

Monroe Repairs
Send units to above address with your Name & Address & Description of problem: