Click to enlargeLike the Monroe Classic, the Monroe Pro features IKT (Individual Keyswitch Technology). The touch is very fast, light and sure. It is exclusive to Monroe and has set Monroe calculators apart from others for decades.
The core functionality of the Monroe Pro includes all features found on the Monroe 7130 with the exception of Independent Memory, Summation of M and Summation of x. The Monroe Pro additionally features:
  • Present Value – Solve for present value given Future Value, Rate and Term. Or solve for Present Value given Rate, Term and Payment.
  • Future Value – Solve for Future Value given Present Value, Rate and Term, with or without a Payment Stream.
  • Financial Functionality – Solve for Payment given Present Value, Rate and Term or change any one or more of the 3 variables and solve for the 4th missing variable.
  • Amortization – After solving for Payment, print an Amortization schedule. The schedule can be for all payments, group of payments or individual payment.
  • Cost/Sell/Margin – One touch solutions for determining the Selling Price given Cost and Percent of Markup or given two of the variables, solve for the missing 3rd variable.
  • VAT Tax – From the price including Tax, determine the price of goods prior to the application of Tax.