Hewlett Packard<br>HP49g+

HP's most advanced graphing calculator provides the ultimate power and flexibility for math, science and engineering professionals and college students. The HP 49g+ graphing calculator has 2.5MB total memory (1.13MB available to the user), RPN, algebraic and textbook data entry, customizable inputs and outputs, large high-contrast screen, 2-or 3-D graphical modes and USB connectivity*** (cable included). User-friendly Computer Algebra System (CAS) delivers dynamic symbolic manipulation and numeric solving so you an easily perform complex arithmetic or calculus functions. Permitted for use on SAT I, SAT II Math IC/IIC, PSAT/NMSQT, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Physics.

Work the way you want to

  • 2.5 MB of total memory - 512KB of RAM and 2MB of flash ROM (330KB RAM and 800KB flash ROM available to the user)
  • HP Solve™ application saves time - write and solve equations for any variable without rewriting the original equation
  • RPN, algebraic and textbook data-entry modes -- enter data in the format easiest to you, including HP's Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) - an efficient calculation sequence without parentheses -- reducing the number of keystrokes
  • Customize - inputs and outputs
  • Large screen - high-contrast, 131 x 80 pixels
  • Fonts - four different font sizes and styles
  • 3-D graphics - calculate advanced expressions and view solutions in 2-or 3-D graphical representation
  • Flash Memory - allows for future electronic upgrades via USB***
  • $124.00 If ordered with any D'Zign Software Pac

We will take $15 off at time of shipment if ordered with D'Zign Software product.