For Woodworkers, Hobbyists, Designers And Decorators, Landscapers.

The ProjectCalc Plus Feet-Inch-Fraction calculator will help solve 100's of building and home improvement projects. Prevent estimating errors. Instantly calculate the amount of material you need: Paint, Wallpaper, 4 x 8 Sheets, Bricks, Blocks, Decks, Fencing, Concrete, Mulch, Carpet, Tile and more! Store 'user defined' quantities and dimensions. This is the perfect addition to every tool kit. Design, apply, install and finish your improvements with precision and confidence.

  • Dimensional Math & Conversions:
    Works and converts in: feet-inches-fractions, decimal feet, decimal inches, inches, fractions, yards, meters, as well as square and cubic formats.
  • Handles all Fractions-1/2's, 1/4's, 1/8's, 1/16's, 1/32's, 1/64's:
    Work in fractions for all sorts of dimension problems. You can even set fraction denominators to display your desired accuracy (in above fraction formats).
  • Square-ups
    Easily solves right triangle problems. Finds the diagonal, so you can "square up" to make sure an area is perfectly square (e.g., for pouring concrete pads).
Project Material Keys
Calculate order quantities for the following building materials:
Bricks and Blocks
Roof Shingles
Solve "Reverse" Calculations e.g., How many square feet will five gallons of paint cover?

Works as a Standard Calculator